Кругосветка 2008
The second time around the world

The second time around the world

2008 год (Тунис, Ливия, Египет, Саудовская Аравия, Кувейт, Катар, Бахрейн, Оман, Йемен, ОАЭ, Иран, Афганистан, Пакистан, Индия, Бангладеш, Непал, Мьянма, Вьетнам, Лаос, Камбоджа, Таиланд, Малайзия)

2008 год

So, I’m on a plane, flying to Munich… Only now beginning to realize that now I am not interrupted to start another, the fifth, a rally on the roads of the world. In General, the launch was planned for August, right after the Balkhash motor festival , but due to various reasons, the trip had several times postponed for a later time. The main reason, of course, is the election of my person to the city maslikhat (Duma). I think this event is one of the main episodes of my life. It is pleasant after all when compatriots, fellow citizens, fellow countrymen give for you more than 80 percent of votes! Another mercy to all my voters! Also very tight solved the issue with the material side of the new project… But now it’s over and my second motocrossed begins to be implemented.

Марсель. Потом Тунис

Marseille. Then Tunisia

A little distracted and explain to you, my dear readers, is why I took and went around the world in the winter. The fact that the year 2008 I have painted in months. I want to get back with the first phase (North Africa, middle East, Asia) in the spring to make the opening Moto of the season. Besides, me included (and I am very proud of!) to Almaty stage of relay race of carrying the Olympic flame on the way to the capital of Olympic games of 2008 – Beijing. Then, until July, I will be actively engaged in the organization of the second biker motorcycle festival “Balkhash-2008”, which for me is now the main event of the year. Well, in the fall, as usual, follows the close of the season and other events..

Знакомый француз из Корсики

Familiar Frenchman from Corsica

However, problems arise not only on the road on the bike. After landing at Munich airport, we did not count two bags of our Luggage. Later one was found, but the second we didn’t wait – went. Too bad-there was an expensive tripod for a camcorder…

Incidentally, why I say “we”? The fact is that, as before, I will be traveling on my motorcycle alone. But at this stage I will be accompanied by a car with a small media team consisting of videographer Vitaly Kistanov and journalist Diana Khramtsova. So, now viewers will monitor my movements every week, because I have an important PR mission to promote the Asian winter games, which will be held in February 2011 in Almaty and Astana. That is why I will have many meetings with the heads of the national Olympic committees of the countries of the Middle East and Asia, the future participants of this Asiada. And, of course, I will meet with ordinary people, during which, as always, I will talk about our country, about the traditions of our multi-ethnic people, the mentality of the people of Kazakhstan… To make it look authentic, have agreed as follows: in reality I’ll be by myself, and the crew itself.



And immediately from the ship to the ball. From the airport rushed to pick up booked for me a motorcycle BMW K 1200 LT and pickup car-for the crew. Everything goes according to plan, except the weather. In Bavaria snow and temperature of minus 4-6. But, despite this and the fact that from Munich to the next point of my route – Marseille (through Paris) – almost 2,000 km, it does not scare me, fortunately there is a huge experience of movement in such weather. For registration of car and motorcycle it took 2 days. We must hurry, because until the New year in Europe I have planned two important meetings. And both of them took place…

Баварские часики

Bavarian clock

In Paris, I was warmly received by our great writer Olzhas Suleimenov. We discussed with him the plan of movement in the Middle East. He considers my new journey necessary and timely, I am glad that after the first round-the-world trip I did not stop and I continue sacred business. I was pleasantly surprised that Olzhas Omarovich knows about all my achievements, and always watched my motor runs. He also asked to meet more ordinary people and said that countries such as Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan should not be afraid… Gave some advice, begged to send him information by e-mail and in case of emergency – call him directly at any time. He promised that he will meet me in Kazakhstan in spring.


A very important meeting for me took place in Marseille. Crossing of two round – the-world-teams of the Central Asian geographical society ” TerraVita “on the yacht” Shokan Ualikhanov ” and biker Petrukhina on a motorcycle. I only a month ago learned that the yacht “Chokan Valikhanov” will rise to RAID in Marseille, and begged God that she waited for me. And so it happened, and the guys do not even know when will continue its circumnavigation. They have their own Maritime laws and regulations. The meeting was touching! Just 2 hours before the New year I was able to get to Marseille, overcoming almost 2000 km in winter Europe. Tired and frozen like never before… But all this fatigue came to the fore when we met and hugged each other. I don’t even really have time to change clothes, it was high time to raise a glass to the New year. Almost overnight we have received from friends and family messages of congratulations and words of support. And could not stop talking: the guys told me about his adventures at sea, I’ve been answering their questions… In General, it was lively and fun. Well, tomorrow there will be meetings with local journalists, after which through the Mediterranean I will move from Europe to Africa, Tunisia.

Вызывает подмогу

Calls for help

At the end of the first report I want to talk about the route. This time it will go through three dozen countries, many of which I have not yet been. And the African part of the stage does not accidentally start in Tunisia. In this country, I was already in the winter of 2005, but then whether by mistake, whether still for some reason I took for the Afghan (!) terrorist and, after a short stay in prison, I was deported along with the real mercenaries and other scum to French Marseille. I hope that now I will not have to return, and my further route will run from Tunisia to Libya and Egypt, and then to the Asian games-2011 – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the far Eastern part of Russia, China, Mongolia… This here is the approximate route.

Hello, biker Petrukhin!

Marseille, 1 January 2008

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