Кругосветка 2006
In Thailand: business card instead of credit cards

In Thailand: business card instead of credit cards

2006 год (Китай–Лаос–Вьетнам–Мьянма–Таиланд–Малайзия–Индонезия–Австралия–Новая Зеландия–Австралия–Япония–Корея–Россия (Владивосток)–Монголия–Россия)

2006 год

I want to start with the incidents that occurred to me immediately after leaving Laos in Thailand. After 100 kilometers, I decided to stop by the gas station to fill my bike and myself (usually I have coffee with milk and sausages in the dough – so as not to eat their super-fast dishes from unknown animals). For gasoline paid Visa card and went into their shop. Drank coffee, ate a sandwich, he took water, and went to the checkout. Thai sellers stared at me with great curiosity as I ate it all in front of them. When I handed them a card to pay for what they ate, they suddenly asked for Thai money. I tell them, no, they say, money – and show money Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, dollars and tenge. Still smiling and asking only for their money. In a minute I’m tired of argue with them, telling them that went. They only cheered and waved their heads. Strange, I don’t think this took probably just afraid of the bearded guy. Of course, I left them my card: let them be proud that they were visited by the Kazakh biker. And left.

I already forgot about it, but after 200 km repeated almost the same (the fact that I can not change dollars for their baht on the road, I can only in the Bank or in the exchange office). Again I filled up the Visa, and the shop managed to drink a coke right in the store, scored another removal card in the office did not accept! Again card, again freebies… Thank you Kazkommertsbank for savings! But then I still found an ATM, took 1,000 baht. Just on the way to Malaysia…

Hell, when will this rain end? Urgently need to buy a new rubber. Already two times it was necessary to repair tires in Laos. Yes and bald already has become…

At the entrance to Bangkok called our Consul Marat Kalizhanov. He met me in the city centre together with his son Chingiz. His son is only 5 years old, but he already knows that he will be a Consul, like dad, and will ride on the same motorcycle as uncle Dima.