Кругосветка 2006
In Malaysia with our President

In Malaysia with our President

2006 год (Китай–Лаос–Вьетнам–Мьянма–Таиланд–Малайзия–Индонезия–Австралия–Новая Зеландия–Австралия–Япония–Корея–Россия (Владивосток)–Монголия–Россия)

2006 год

Of course, it is possible to paint tirelessly with beauty Thailand but then at me ink will be terminated, and readers are already curious to know, how there in Malaysia… The border passed quickly. The only puncture was when I passed customs on the Malaysian side. The guards drew attention to the fact that my motorcycle hanging their flag upside down. Apologized, outweighed. Immediately began to look for an exchange office. Here, too, except for their own, the other currency is not recognized. To Kuala Lumpur-500 km, I think by night get, but first decided to call our Embassy to report on his arrival. He got through to Consul asset, he says: “Come, there are no problems, only we have a lot of work here – in two days the head of our state comes here on an official visit, and Nursultan Abishevich will present his book “Critical decade” in Malay. Still great that this event coincided with my arrival in Malaysia! Moreover, the slogan of my motorcycle rally – “for the future of Kazakhstan! For Nazarbayev N. Ah!”…

But the weather did not allow me to get to the capital… and even worse, the hotel (if you can call it a hotel) there is no dryer or air conditioning. When there is air conditioning, I immediately solve two problems. The cold air enters the room, and the hot air enters the street, and I hang my clothes from the street, so I dry them. This time it didn’t work. In the morning I had to dress all wet. Okay, the track will dry out again if it doesn’t rain…

Kuala Lumpur killed me on the spot. A beautiful town! Buildings, roads, dozer, subway, tram, and there is no such sensation like in Bangkok. Not a single portrait of their king or Queen. Only through the streets hung with the flags of Kazakhstan and Malaysia to commemorate the visit of our President. The Embassy guys helped me get a hotel. Put himself in order, began to plan for the next two days. (This is mandatory: visit the butterfly Park, a trip to the nursery abandoned animals, and a complete tour of the city).

At 14.00 the Embassy called and said that Mr. Ambassador invites me to lunch and asked me to come for me or get myself. Of course, myself (although I don’t know, but the address I have)! Stopped a taxi, specified the address and went: taxi-ahead, I-behind on a motorcycle. Drove for 20 minutes, gave the taxi driver 10 ringgit ($3). Met with the Ambassador and all his staff. He told them several stories from his motor rally around the globe with the flag of Kazakhstan. A lot of guys have seen me in Kazakhstan and I read in the press. It is pleasant that with such workload Mr. Ambassador found time to meet with me. Saying goodbye, Mr. Ambassador said that he included me in the list of guests for a meeting with the head of our state during the presentation of his book “Critical decade”. I have already the ground beneath their feet shook and nice, and so unexpected… The Ambassador also said that Mr President is aware of our biker, and he wishes me success in running a motor rally around the globe.

Going to the hotel. You need to look decent, and therefore rake your wardrobe. However, I know for sure that shaving will not (such bikers tradition that during the journey not to shave). The Embassy said that it is necessary to be at 11.00 in the Convention center, where all these ceremonies are held. Dressed civilly, but went anyway on the motorcycle because Mr. Ambassador told that there will be a press both ours and foreign and will interview me as I was mentioned in a press release on the occasion of arrival of our President. Drive up to KLCC is almost impossible, all around the police force to put the bike in the Parking lot almost 2 km to the goal. But I found a loophole: it worked that I am from Kazakhstan and on my motorcycle two flags – Malaysia and Kazakhstan. In-General, left the bike right next to KLCC.

Everything is strictly by the minute. First, the President met with businessmen of Malaysia, then there was a presentation of his book. As in America, there was a historic meeting with foreign Minister Tokayev. He immediately recognized me and the first thing asked after the health of the jungle in Laos, where I was bitten by a snake. Asked, as technique, not brings. I told him briefly about my plans for the route, because he already knows about the route. It feels like he’s read all my diaries. It is very easy and pleasant to communicate with Kasymzhomart Kemelovich! The book presentation was attended by a longtime friend of Nursultan Abishevich – former Prime Minister of Malaysia. After the presentation, Mr Tokayev and I, Ambassador Tileuberdi M. B., were photographed for memory, and as a farewell Tokayev wished us strength, will and good luck in a worthy and good cause, which I carry out, and added that the foreign Ministry will continue to provide all possible assistance, so that I do not hesitate to contact their office. I have to complain about something no matter what! The foreign Ministry is the only Agency that helps me move towards my goal. First of all, I would like to thank the first Deputy Director of the consular Department, Andrei Antonenko, who has never refused to help me since the first day of my round-the-world trip. It is thanks to him and his entire service that I receive all Embassy visas during my trip.and with their help I carry out delivery of the motorcycle to continents. Thank you! Then many journalists and television crews came down to my motorcycle and interviewed me.

Here I have turned the day – a solid policy! Without realizing it, I actively participate in strengthening the image of our country on the world stage. And it’s great that Kazakhstan now has the opportunity to move freely around the world – and to learn about others, and to declare themselves. Tomorrow I have motoexotica by readers, but in the meantime hi to all and success…