Кругосветка 2006
Thai Boxing in Bangkok

Thai Boxing in Bangkok

2006 год (Китай–Лаос–Вьетнам–Мьянма–Таиланд–Малайзия–Индонезия–Австралия–Новая Зеландия–Австралия–Япония–Корея–Россия (Владивосток)–Монголия–Россия)

2006 год

I’m in Thailand. As usual, the border asked why a one-way ticket when you go back. Explain, show them the passport with tens visas on my route. When figured out, that I for “bird”, then shook hands, were asked business cards.

I was met by the Consul of our Embassy Marat Kalizhanov. It’s 8 a.m., and the motorcycle need to go pick up at 13.00. Marat arranged a hotel for me. Rested until the hour, and went with Marat to the customs. Here we were waited by 3-hour “concert” with customs clearance and registration of the motorcycle on temporary import to Thailand. Customs officers go and shrug that supposedly it for the first time at them in practice when the biker from other country arrives together with the motorcycle (at them usually it becomes by land). Immediately reminded of America (goose bumps!) when I designed in new Jersey your bike temporary import into the United States. Then, too, long could not understand as it to make (said they have it for the first time in practice when the biker from other continent is going for your personal bike to travel to countries in North and South America.

It turns out that my round-the-world metapontum a lot of things forced to do the customs officers and border guards of many countries for the FIRST time in their practice! But they should understand that I for the FIRST time in the history of the biker movement make motocrossed on the same bike, but still alone! All this works. In addition to some rights and laws, the human factor works, it is clear that everyone wants to help me.

Took the motorcycle perefotografirovat almost the entire customs (they are in customs somehow operate mainly women). Directly there I put in order the bike, loaded flags of Kazakhstan and Thailand on the bike and accompanied by the Embassy car I went to the downtown. In-General, here so:
– left-hand traffic, and
– it is forbidden to ride motorcycles on the Central highways.

I originally had the impression that I’m against all rules drove into oncoming traffic and was driving like a “persistent violator”. But then immediately calmed down, because the same “worst offenders” here a lot, besides they would have enough nerve and I was overtaken. When we went to highway (Expressway), we were immediately stopped by the police. But, having seen near my bike with flags of Kazakhstan and Thailand, besides, accompanied by the Embassy car, without conversations allowed to continue our way. Pleasantly…

Called home, everyone is happy that the problem with the bike was solved quickly and efficiently.

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the world championship in Thai Boxing with the participation of the Princess of Thailand. Consul Marat reserved a place for me in the VIP-box – for honored guests. You can not refuse, and to meet with the national team of Kazakhstan wanted to encourage them to win.

In the morning, barely made it to the Palace of sports. Tube around, especially at the entrance. Police darkness for a few kilometers to the Palace of sports. It’s beautiful! We on the Embassy car followed the bus, which was carrying guardsmen of the king to the ceremony. Got super! The opening is simply gorgeous, but it is strictly forbidden to shoot on video and take pictures. Although I am just still removed. However, from the guest VIP-boxes, many shot quietly.

The meeting with the national team went well. Many people know me, especially Almaty. Talked to the head of the team – Farhat, the Princess gave him a gift for great success in Thai Boxing. Photographed with the world champion. In the answer me was wished good roads.

Frankly speaking, these solemn moments and any meetings though distract, but, of course, are necessary, after all the main task of my motor rally is a raising of image of our state. And meetings with sister cities have become a tradition, I think, all this contributes to friendship and mutual understanding between our countries.

That’s why in the morning, when I wanted to go to Laos, after consulting, I decided to first go to the sister city of Pattaya, especially since during this time I had to open a visa to Myanmar here in Bankok.

Went to the side of the pool, slowly getting used to left-hand traffic. Then these drivers and mopedists ride confusing… Here’s one turned on the turn – and he somehow inferior. I same with this disagree and decided not to respond to his signals, the more, that rights I. He presses me, but then, apparently, the nerves pass, and he concedes to me! I need to be bolder. Then you’ll be on the horse!

But, I must say, cars and mopeds – the sea! There is no accident on the roads. I already was accustomed, that near me “swarming”, as sparrows, these small stories. You can see the real extreme… That’s the whole family – husband, wife and two children – on one small moped. Apparently, the police allow it, because it’s all around. Well, on my bike they looked upon as a wonder of the world. I asked them where they have a bike club, they’re showing me informed on the stores, and they sell only mopeds and scooters. Of course, they have bikers, I’ll find them later, and while I stopped to eat on the road, even photographed with a Thai cook. To be honest, it was delicious, but his mouth was burning their spices for two hours. The bread they do not eat only rice and dough in the form of beshbarmak. So, on the road to hunger will not.

The Thai from Patai called, told that will meet on entrance to the city…

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