Кругосветка 2006
“Conrad show” and a meeting with a fellow countryman in Sydney

“Conrad show” and a meeting with a fellow countryman in Sydney

2006 год (Китай–Лаос–Вьетнам–Мьянма–Таиланд–Малайзия–Индонезия–Австралия–Новая Зеландия–Австралия–Япония–Корея–Россия (Владивосток)–Монголия–Россия)

2006 год

Hello my dear readers! Already more than 2 months of continued my matapedia. Actually, it is time and to hurry, otherwise it will be like last year when I reached from Hollywood (USA) and ended up in Russia in the winter, so I had to redraw the route. But I think that time I still have until the house gets to warm.

Last time, I wanted to tell you how cramped our world is. So, during my little tour of the Pacific ocean near the city of Batman’s Bay, where I observed the movement of whales along the Eastern coast of Australia, all tourists and fans of supershou were in some incomprehensible disorder. It turns out that the organizers promised them that from the shore came the whale-albino (completely white they are always in short supply!), which they are sure to see and shoot on camera. (Me this trip reminded Niagara falls, when the entire ship screamed the whether from of fear, then whether from joy, when we were nearing to mighty wall from water and to a bubbling funnel, which reprisal from falling water. Ah, of course, was frightening, because all of this resembled the end of the world from an ancient Scripture). But the albino did not appear, were two ordinary whale. After all this, I got on the bike and went to the side of Sydney to fulfill the requests of my readers.

A few words about his faithful horse. Perhaps, it is time already him to stand up on capital maintenance. But in Australia you have to go a little bit, so I will do it capital in Japan. Although the prices are even better than in Australia, I think my Kazkommertsbank will not abandon me… for the Second time in Australia I was stopped by the police. The situation is like in our country: they hide behind a civilian car and send their radar to the cars. Very interesting! When I stopped and showed on the radar of my excess, was asked to sign the Protocol (just like us!) for a fine of $ 70. I didn’t even have to persuade them, because it is useless and can only hurt me.

Now a few words about the famous attractions of Sydney. In addition to the 300-meter tower of Sydney, the national library, the Sydney aquarium, which is home to more than 500 species of oceanic animals, in the first place is still the building of the Sydney Opera house. This building belongs, along with the Moscow Kremlin, the Eiffel tower in Paris, the white house in Washington and other famous buildings, to the wonders of the world of our time. I am pleased that I, the representative and envoy of our country, saw all this with my own eyes and took a picture with our national flag everywhere.

However, I will not bore you with stories about the sights of Australia, I will only say that the people here are hospitable and very law-abiding. I can say, almost disappointed to find there are the natives, but – lucky! And even funny broke a. On the road, where I stopped for something to eat, met a tramp – aboriginal Conrad. At first we were surprised (honestly, I’m starting to sound like some tramp!), then the joy of our meeting we exchanged gifts. I gave him our whip and skull cap, he wanted me to give her a huge tune. But how do I get her home? Then he took the amulet off his neck and gave it to me. (When I get home, in the club will make a small Museum about my journey so everyone could see with their own eyes). Found a passerby, gave him a camera and let’s pose. You know, it was all like a show! I, not knowing it, took his crown actions, and the audience really understood who the two of us historical figure. We hugged, people took pictures with us and threw money at Conrad’s hat.

After the meeting with the aboriginal went to a meeting with the press. How happy they were to see and hear the biker from the CIS! Moreover, from different sources, they about a lot of things I knew. Sat, watered me with tea, talked to the editor-in-chief, took pictures. And in the morning – wow! In one newspaper article about Kazakhstan biker on four pages, in the other-photo report from 16 pictures and articles. They asked me to stop by for the papers. And now, with this point in more detail…

I have already said that the world is small – this is just for this reason. Put the bike on the preparation of sending it to Japan, and he caught a taxi and went to the editor of “AIF”. In broken English telling you the address where to go. Let’s hit the road. A minute later he asks me: “There is a revision of “Horizon”?”. I told him – half in Russian, half in English – confirmed. And, Oh, my God, it turns out this guy speaks Russian. Further – more, we got to know each other! Rinat Aitikeev (that’s his name) used to live in the town of Saran in Karaganda region, where he worked at the mine “Sokolska” on the same station with me. For 16 years they wife Rose (Kazakh, she is Tatar) live in Australia. This year for the first time they are going on vacation to Kazakhstan. Almost shed a tear. I remembered many friends in common. It turns out that here they have their own Diaspora of former Soviet citizens, and they constantly communicate. Then he called the newspaper and said he’s bringing the biker. Well, in General, miracles and only! And to describe it all, it takes a long time. The editors asked that from New Zealand and Japan, I threw them information about their movement. Say goodbye… Rinat said he would call in Kazakhstan. Although he persistently invited me to stay with them for a couple days, had to give up: I have a ticket in hand and need to move on.