Кругосветка 2006
Through Buryatia – to Mongolia

Through Buryatia – to Mongolia

2006 год (Китай–Лаос–Вьетнам–Мьянма–Таиланд–Малайзия–Индонезия–Австралия–Новая Зеландия–Австралия–Япония–Корея–Россия (Владивосток)–Монголия–Россия)

2006 год

It should be noted that I have slightly weaned from daily distant motoblokov – on 500-800 km. the fact that the countries of Southeast Asia and Japan daily run was 200-300 km. But again gradually drawn into the rhythm, and now rides in a day at least 700 km away In the village Wabicha where I was caught in the night, put the motorcycle had nowhere to go, so grandpa Prokopich (chief rooming house) offered to go to his house and leave the bike in his yard. When we arrived at his home, a young woman came out and admired the motorcycle and biker for a long time. Gave her my card so my grandfather this card she took, came up to me and says sternly, and say it’s his wife. Such is Hollywood! He is under 70, she was barely 30. Well, advice and love, as they say! Photographed them as usual…

The month of August can be considered the beginning of autumn, at night about 0 degrees. And the day at least 15 heat, but the wind was cold. Lucky that the rain didn’t get too much. That’s only every 200 km it is necessary to carefully wash the windshield from dead insects – midges, butterflies… Somehow, in other countries, I such an abundance of insects did not notice. One time my motorcycle ran into a Sparrow, so he traveled with me the whole day.

I really liked Buryatia. Throughout the fourth stage of the final motor rally, I was reminded of my native Kazakhstan. The same steppe… At the entrance to the city of beautiful high mountains, somewhat reminiscent of the TRANS-ili Alatau… Of course, the pearl of Buryatia is the Selenga river… Oh, and most importantly – the people. The Buryats very similar to the Kazakhs, and the population is mixed in the same proportion. Many mixed marriages. Perhaps the only difference between our peoples is religion. Here, along with Orthodoxy, Buddhism is preached. Spent the night in town. Hotel prices are biting, but I did not find a hotel outside the city. Saving on hotels is very difficult. Deal in is, that for normal, sober hour on a motorcycle biker should always be well rested. Otherwise, after 100-200 km will be very sleepy and have to rest on the road.

Now my route has changed dramatically and I moved to the South, towards Mongolia (the city of Suhe Bator). The road to the city of Kyakhta, on the border, sometimes just broken. Me a hundred times, probably came the desire to turn around and head towards the house. But still my moods are rarely affected by the route change. Moreover, a lot of people are watching my motocross and do not want to then all the blame on poor roads. Literally 60 miles from the border crossing over the old bridge I was stopped by two cars. As it turned out, it was drunken thugs. From first fame only about my travel have gone in blatant fuss around me and my bike. Let me sit, let me ride, let me try my helmet on… Play the music. What’s in the bags? In short, the thugs without brains. But, frankly, I should always be ready for such situations. The situation was not predictable. Moreover, out of six people no one stopped each other and said, suppose, say, a biker rides. One already started to climb on the bag. If I get in a fight, nothing good will come of it. Too many of them. What to do? And here on the road there was a regular bus. I got right on the road. The bus stopped and the driver came out. He thought there was a problem with the bridge. At this moment Mongolian tourists jumped out of the bus and started taking pictures with me. I took a moment, sat down on a motorcycle and retreated. Further, too, not sweet. Dense taiga, the road is narrow, you can go 40-50 km per hour. Moreover and look, look, that from-for bushes POPs out any they. In-General, waited for the bus with tourists, sat down to it “on a tail” and to the border and went. In the head different thoughts. Only after such moments you begin to realize all complexity of single motor rally.

We drove up to the border, the people are not measured. It seems that the border is closed. Asked Russian border guards to let me pass without having to queue. Categorically refused. They say I’m not a diplomat, get in line. Time – 5 PM. After 30 minutes, the border will be closed until eight in the morning. But the world not without kind people, Mongols from the regular bus (them pass on a special path without turn) asked frontier guards that I passed border with them. It turned out that we, Kazakhstanis – the most simplified entry to Mongolia, do not need a visa – only a passport. And Russians without a visa are not allowed.

When crossing the Russian border, customs procedures almost collapsed. What do you carry? Open your bags, etc. But still the experiences I have tempered, and I am stupid Western smile quietly moved all customs nitpicking. Packed again their bags and moved to the Mongolian border guards. I literally 2 days before I called the Deputy Director of Department of consular service Ministry of foreign Affairs Mr. Antonenko, congratulated me on obtaining such a high award at the festival of bikers in the Finding and explained the procedure of the visa regime in Mongolia. So, for Kazakhstan, indeed, favorable conditions! All posts has passed quickly. And after I have closed the border. Hello, Mongolia! There are 52 of the conquered country.