03.07.2011 at about 9:30 at the intersection of Seifullin and Baiseitova in Balkhash got in an accident our Brother… Kostya Boyko. Moving по321 St. Baiseitova him with minor (Seifulin) went and blocked the lane of the Mitsubishi GALANT.. Free rider seeing the oncoming lane, trying to leave from collision pulled to the left with an acceleration ahead of the curve, in this time the car started moving.. emergency braking ended with a blow to the left front wheel of the car.. from hitting the rider was thrown from the saddle and he hit in the rear left door got under the bottom of the car.. where it helped to get passers-by.. the ambulance arrived quickly.. Kostya was taken to hospital. I spoke to him myself half an hour later… was in the adjunct.. but at 16:00 they called me and said that about 2 o’clock in the afternoon Kostya died in hospital.. According to the preliminary diagnosis of broken ribs had punctured lung and spleen.. extensive internal bleeding..