In the night from 18 to 19 may 2007 Alexander and a friend were riding a motorcycle home (remained 100 meters), moving at Satpayev str. from Gagarina street in the direction of Rozybakiev St., car Toyota Windu, when coming out of reverse Parking, it becomes suddenly in front of them, slowing down was impossible, driving the motorcycle was a friend of Alexander, who was wearing a helmet in a collision with a motor vehicle, Alexander (without hat) eject a few meters ahead, he hits the temporal region on the asphalt, and heavily thumping chest, in a state of shock trying to get up and go. As a result, the broken skull, bone fragmentation, crushed brain, but not damaged brain stem, which gave at least some hope..

On the 10th day struggle for life while in a coma, died..

I hate late-night or late-night calls, if it used to make me worry, now I hate them. After that night parents ‘ call followed the night spent in hopes, prayers and anticipation.

On arrival at the hospital, right in the waiting room, impudent-khamovatogo kind doctor on duty at the time, open the door to a small room-room and it is connected to the ventilator. Pallid, frightened-dead parents in the hallway, which kicked out the door.. I’m flying into the room, trying to ask about The situation at the moment of his life and health. And the doctor answering in a condescending tone that you want 3 of the 3 vital functions he has disabled. As I understand it, the absence of heartbeat, pulse, the brain does not react to impulses and lack of pressure. Descended to the explanation that the neurosurgeon was called from Kalkaman, who decides to do the operation or not, but before that accusing parents of what is allowed and even says, get out of the office, you can not be here! and again, revise things that were with him, then to not accused that we stole something? and aunties, begin to shave the broken place where flowed on a tiled floor crimson drops of blood. And people, constantly looking into the office, where he was absolutely helpless and such a child (the kindest, youngest, beloved man), looking for the wrong x-ray room, not something else or someone. Then, cut the jeans to make it easier to remove them. The doctor called me and gave me His handkerchief, which fell out of his jeans pocket. Then we had to visit a neurosurgeon to take Him to the 3rd floor in the intensive care unit on the way which quarreled among themselves, as described above, physician admissions, and resuscitation from the 3rd of whose camera will be used for the carriage to manually ventilate the lungs, there is a tube that is inserted into the mouth. Then there was a long wait for a neurosurgeon, shuddering-running up animal instinct, forcing run up to all newly arrived men with the words: you are not a neurosurgeon. And here is arrived the very. Not quickly, thanks to its apparently, once past the trauma, past to the 3rd floor and again waiting in the corridor of 1 floor and you to the emerging presence of the knock approximating the transport lift. And here come down to us the same doctor, for 10 days, who served for us, if not God, Then his assistant or settled at that time to save him. the one we love so much! Not promising anything encouraging, said that the operation will be that can give hope, and later confessed after the surgery, which was no doubt at all that it was necessary because of the suspicion of the uselessness again went upstairs and after some time required for preparation for surgery, seemed to us an eternity and it seemed that every minute is crucial.. And here It waited, It came again on the 1 floor and began the operation.. the cold room of the reception Department, probably, seemed even colder because of the real estate waiting and hoping, practically not crying, from swelling and shock, misunderstanding and not understanding of all events. Three hours of surgery. Seemed door the gurney on which he lay He had a bandaged head and with blue circles under the eyes. The doctor said that the pupils had almost recovered and there is hope only for a miracle. That he had to amputate part of his brain and flush the rest, leaving a hole in the skull in case the brain would swell, and that there was no strong pressure.

Then followed 10 days, which simply can be deleted from the biography, because then life existed only from the words of the doctor to the next word, drug discovery, in particular how people say “blue” blood, drug substitute blood and more advanced than it is, because it is a transport to all vital organs. Hope are looking for (at least a little) in the eyes of the doctors. And the doctor, saying that the turning point can come about 9 days, usually, these patients die during this period.. Him so gradually became worse. Inflammation of the lungs, usually characteristic of such patients. the fever, He was lying all the time under anaesthetic, because otherwise then just be the death of shock. Once, the doctor on duty once said that one day, when the effect of anesthesia weakened, He began to randomly move his legs and arms.. Then there was a state called SOPOR (ancestor). The brain sends a weak, almost not giving hopes, impulses, but this does not mean that the brain is actually capable.

Then again, was introduced to the anesthesia. The pupils of the eyes first reacted to light, and then again became lifeless. Coma. On the tenth day he was gone…

This time the news was known only in the morning, although it happened at 2.30 am, the doctors didn’t want to disturb family at night, and all was so hoping for these nine days.. That’s it. Life has acquired a different meaning, soul-searching forced to take another look at this world and the people around them. As corny as that sounds..

Now, I understand, why this all so stretched out on 10 days!

Thank you to the doctors though, because despite the ban comes to the house, allowed once a day for five minutes to go to Him. He had been waiting for his sister, who was in the US and gave her the opportunity to come and say goodbye to Him not only when He was not breathing, but when breathing.., parents. I thank Him for it!»

Thank you for those five minutes when he managed to squeeze his warm hand in mine, in intensive care with a prayer in your heart..

We can still be together!!!