On may 23, 2008 motor rally dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan and support of the Organizing Committee finished in Astana. The command of Almaty bikers from 10 courageous and mobile bikers and the media group, which started from Almaty from the area Astana, held in Almaty to the camp site Tulpar on lake Balkhash Balkhash — Karaganda — Astana, travelled 1400 km in three days.

This breakthrough sports-tourism project has carried out the biker-world wider Dmitry Petrukhin and his associates: bikers Andrey Gaponov, Alexander Kiselev, Alexander Shumilin, Rustam Shaymardanov, Danil Likhachev, Sergey Afanasenko, the videographer and the jeep driver Roman Kaliev, the universal journalist Catherine Kaliyeva and PR Director Anar Akkoz.

From Almaty, with wishes of a good way and warm greetings to Astana, the team was accompanied by friends: bikers and journalists. The symbol of a kind impulse and friendly support to the organizing Committee of the anniversary celebration was a specially made flag, on which all participants of the motocross and even the smallest 11th participant of the 7-month pug Buggy-the biker-Hippo-autographed.

Throughout the way patrol motor vehicles of traffic police led the column, passing on the borders of regions and cities. The team of the motor rally with great gratitude reacted to their professionalism, clear coordination and responsibility. “Now the Kazakh traffic police are our best friends and thank them a lot!”,- the team reported at all briefings and meetings.

The first stop — late in the evening on may 21 at the tourist center “Tulpar” on lake Balkhash. Here the team got up for the night, and at the same time opened a beach season, examined a venue of the Second international biker festival of Kazakhstan “Balkhash-2008”. Bikers appreciated the preparation of the management of the camp site, which carried out its complete repair and reconstruction for the reception of domestic and foreign guests.

The second planned event as an important step in the preparation of the bike fest is a visit to the city of Balkhash in the morning of may 22. Here, a briefing was held for Balkhash media and negotiations with the Governor, K. G., head of the city. Bikers expressed their suggestions and wishes for the successful organization of the project. Akim of Balkhash as a cordial host, adopted the Almaty people and in their face and all bikers in the world, with assurances that the Governor’s office as the organizer of this tourism project is ready to exert maximum effort. “We – for careful attitude to the unique lake, for attracting tourists to Balkhash, we will conduct environmental performance “Save Balkhash!”and now we are actively advertising our Bike fest around the world,” the bikers reported to akim.

The third halt, the evening of may 22-the camp site “forest fairy tale” near Karaganda. Bikers sent reports and photos to the media, mounted the footage and discussed the organizational questions of the upcoming Bike fest in July and this motor rally.

Morning 23 may — bike-parade in Karaganda, a briefing for the media at a super proof of the Lenin monument and laying flowers to the monument to the dead miners. Since Dmitry Petrukhin grew up and worked as a miner in Karaganda, the team, as one fulfilled the Holy duty, bowing their heads before those whose hard mining work and untimely departure, always cause both respect and deepest sorrow. But life is full of contrasts! Our team didn’t know that we will see the bright and joyful meeting! When Petrukhin learned that at this time the best schools of Karaganda celebrate the “Last bell”, he immediately mobilized the team for a new friendly meeting with young people. Said-done! Representatives of the akimat and the organizers of the holiday gladly and promptly gave “good” to the proposal. And a team of motocross has beautifully joined city school ball. Almaty bikers broke the flurry of school ovations! They demonstrated their beautiful stories, their skills, unobtrusively inspiring young people to sports and

Graduates, as a kind of bath, listened to biker-world wider Dmitry Petrukhin: “Guys, today you on a new path to new achievements. Be brave and persistent in striving for the dream!”. And, according to tradition, as on all biker actions for children and youth, sparkling motto from Anar Akkoza sounded: “do not abuse alcohol! Never, under any pretext not to try drugs! They are ruining the health and lives!”. It turned out short, but positive dialogue, girls and boys loudly and affirmatively answered, so much so that all present adults became happier and calmer for them. After that, bikers put a spectacular point in its shortest in the history of the club shares — “growled”, “burned rubber”, showed a couple of fun twists. Team of motocross also has suddenly left, as there is under even greater applause. Then in a clearing in the Park on the initiative of the boys and girls were shooting, distribution bike with autographs and good wishes on the memory. I would like to mention that only deep trust to the identity and patriotism of Dmitry Petrukhin from the Management of the city of Karaganda and the region represented by N. Z. Nigmatulin gave this day to all, and Almaty and Karaganda, the great joy of this significant meeting.

The most difficult breakthrough is 150 km to Astana. Inspired with hot wires Karaganda, the bikers sped away on a finishing line. The public and mass media of Astana were informed in advance and waited for the team. But in a way, anything can happen, not to mention such trifles as a strong head or side wind, dust and stones from under the truck, “cabs”, etc. the Team of bikers were waiting for the “hard” test — heavy rain and hail! We understood that we didn’t keep within the schedule, and, despite such “trifles”, continued the way. In the city the bikers dressed in white branded t-shirts and caps, put fresh flags and Astana already under heavy downpour, under the astonished looks and a welcome gesture of Astana residents completed the motocross Astana akimat. Here under the porch we waited for the most persistent journalists and students. The team got wet through, the media group in the escort jeep too, our video camera got wet when shooting through the hatch and turned off completely. It would seem that there is no time for jokes and smiles, but we unharnessed their horses not just with a sense of accomplishment and progress, and a special expression of happiness on tired faces. Despite the cold and rain, the team warmed the love and smiles of the greeters. Cameras, microphones, a hail of questions fell on all of us, the whole team asked for autographs. And special attention was paid to the most laconic 11-th member of the team pug Buggy-biker hippopotamus, for which our designers on the go designed the corporate team t-shirt. It interrogatively-kind face and cheerful direct the disposition made Buggy our General favorite, and of special concern. Now in Astana Buggy became a General favorite of the public and woke up on may 24th the most famous pug-motorbikes in Kazakhstan! And this is his first record.

Team of motocross “With love to Astana!”I brought my brand flag with autographs of new friends found on the way. We handed over our flag, and Astana akimat took it to its Museum. The goal has been successfully achieved. And the team took a short time-out to wash, to be repaired and again in a way — home.

We sincerely thank the mayor’s office of Astana for the support of the motor rally and especially note the high professionalism of the press Secretary of akim Aigul Aspandiyarova, who in a short time organized escort of the convoy from the traffic police, a briefing from the media and a meeting with the public.

With the coming 10th birthday, our beloved and beautiful capital, Astana!

All Astana residents are greeted by our biker greetings and wishes for peace and prosperity!!!

Material and photo prepared by Anar Akkoza