Iron Butt
Iron Butt

Iron Butt

Дважды лауреат Iron Butt: 03 марта 2013 и 12 ноября 2013


November 12, 2013. Second Iron Butt

  1. Start Phoenix (Arizona) – finish the St. Louis (mo) = 1504 miles = 2.420 km

  2. Start 12.11.13 at 16.20-finish 13.11.13 at 15.25-travel time-23 h 5 min

  3. Witnesses at the start – of the Mind, DULLES – tel +16462841132 Issa Nissan – тел +16026436400

  4. Witnesses at the finish – Ms. Joss – tel +13142802716, Kistanov Vitt – – tel + 37281110680

  1. Major cities are Phoenix, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Oklahoma city, St. Louis.

  2. The temperature on the highway from 65 F to 70 F ( 18 to 20 degrees) at night to 60 F ( 15 gr)

  3. Night froze in the heart of Flagstaff – wearing extra clothes

  4. In General, the weather is PERFECT – Biker. (neither hot – nor cold)

  5. Refueled 9 times. Went 260 liters of gasoline. Spent about $ 300.

  6. In some places, I drove with a maximum speed of 120 miles. The average speed was 70-80 miles.

  7. The bike never once sneezed. Thank you to my iron bolívar.

  8. Eaten 5 Snickers bars, two sandwiches. Used 5 liters of water-of which 2 liters per head. Savana a pack of gum…

  9. Slept two times on 15 minutes-in Amarillo and in Springfield. After this disappeared Mirages and Vision…

  10. Thoughts. Already at the start wanted to give up on LiveJournal is in my blood… I always want to throw their motorpower, and the result is the OPPOSITE. For 10 years QUIT and did…

  11. Only listened to songs of Mikhail Krug (until I lost the IPhone)

  12. Toll. Phone IPHONE would (in the Parking lot left on a motorcycle and where the lost). Ate a SEAL because of the intense chewing gum.

Lost 20 minutes of time when a COP in Oklahoma forced him to remove the flags from the motorcycle.

  1. Joy. I felt that I could do it, especially since recently in Argentina I grabbed 2,000 km per day and not thinking about records.

  2. result.

In the United States, I’ve traveled 1,000 miles a day twice a day, and that’s 1,500 miles a day.

In Europe, once drove 1,000 miles a day. (Munich-Paris-Marseille)

In Argentina, once drove 1250 miles a day. (Comodoro-San Luis)

In Asia, also once drove 1,000 miles a day. (Almaata-Kokchetav)

Postcript. With 100% certainty I can say that on a motorcycle BMW K1200 LT is possible to make such records (1500 miles) – but only on GOOD roads of the USA and EUROPE.

Your friend-biker Petrukhin


March 3, 2013. The Iron Butt Certificate