Front edge, a non-existent edge of the Earth end of visible light and a clear understanding of the new world, a new journey, new goals.


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Dmitry Petrukhin

Welcome to the website of the Kazakhstan Biker-world wider Dmitry Petrukhin!

Hello, fellow traveler!

How long close paths-links You got there, and where thousands of miles of my journey on the iron horse roaring, best friend and a tireless companion.

I have answered journalists ‘ questions a thousand times: how did you decide to go around the world? Yes simply! Dreamed since childhood! Only some dream, and then form families and forget about them. And I only brought my sons to adulthood and forward, wheels to swing, a hat to clean. And on Land that was waiting for me from an early age, dreamed of and not let go.

And that’s when I’m sitting on {the Cape of Good Hope} to your dear anniversary, look over the horizon, and then, somewhere invisible above, maybe even above the stars, beyond the edge of the universe. And in my head no thought given, no account of years, days and nights, but only undercurrent of the unknown new status – no longer the same as yesterday, and he was a half-century, have never been. Front edge, a non-existent edge of the Earth end of visible light and a clear understanding of the new world, a new journey, new goals.

When you get around the world, what’s next? Where to keep the way to the person who needs the road as air, new, unexplored routes and countries. To go deep into continents? Driven. And then what?

That’s the question I haven’t found the response and acquaint You with their accomplished travel.

thousand km


Their main achievement, I believe, his "around the world"!

Super LUCK-1


The first biker in the world who managed to pass on the bike all China and to come on the Chinese wall!

Super LUCK-2

2008, 2011

The first biker in the world, who drove on his bike Olympic flame.

Olympic games-2008 (China) The Olympic flame in Kuwait — Asian games–2011 Olympic games-2008 (China). The Olympic flame in Kuwait — Asian games–2011.

Super LUCK-3


"Ride" during the day, 1,000 miles. Phoenix — Dallas.

For 17 hours passed exactly 1712 km. For 17 hours passed exactly 1712 km

Conquered Europe


Conquered EuropeConquered EuropeConquered Europe

Conquered USA


Conquered USA Conquered USA

Conquered Australia


Conquered Australia Conquered Australia

Conquered North Africa


Ahead of the camels Conquered North Africa

Conquered Middle East


Conquered Middle East Conquered Middle East

More about my achievements

Round the world

Round the world

For 10 years I have crossed 5 continents and 150 countries!

  • Germany
  • France


So, I'm on a plane, flying to Munich ... Only now I realize that now I can not stop to start another, the fifth in a row, motocross on the roads of the world. In General, the launch was planned for August, right after the Balkhash motor festival , but due to various reasons, the trip had several times postponed for a later time. The main reason, of course, is the election of my person to the city maslikhat (Duma). I think this event is one of the main episodes of my life. It is pleasant after all when compatriots, fellow citizens, fellow countrymen give for you more than 80 percent of votes! Another mercy to all my voters! Also very tight it was a question with the material side of the new project... But now it's over and my second motocrossed begins to be implemented.

  • "Conrad show" and a meeting with a fellow countryman in Sydney
  • Birthday with gulls in the Pacific
  • Australia: Uluru, boomerang, kangaroo, aboriginal
  • By ship to Australia

Australia and Oceania

So, Australia. Head spin: where to start? Whether to go to the North-there is much warmer, but will have to go through the desert almost 2,000 km, and there are no attractions that are present in the southern half. In-General, decided to go in the direction of Adelaide, it is almost the heart of Australia, especially in the area is the famous stone Uluru (this aboriginal name, but now it is called AERS Rock - in honor of the former Prime Minister of South Australia).

  • Argentine transit, or three countries per day
  • Montevideo has conquered me…
  • From Buenos Aires to the edge of the earth
  • Endless Argentina


As they say, got from the ship to the ball. It is, in fact, almost true, just a shame that when I was untied from the side of the ship your bike, hastily planted a set of keys and a personal knife. But having remembered words of the friend-biker Valikhan Koshumbayev that it isn't necessary to worry about such small losses supposedly it gifts to people who will find them, I calmed down. God is with him, with this instrument... And here in Buenos Aires! It's a little too close... like I'm in Hong Kong or Kathmandu in Nepal, or even on the streets of one-way French towns. A lot of cops.

  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao

Asia and the middle East

Yes, I had to Tinker a lot to get to Macau island! It is very unprofitable it turns out to carry with you to the Islands of the technique, and even with such a modest budget like ours... There were, what to hide, proposals to refuse to visit several small States – because of their geographical location and the fact that they are not among the sports leaders in Asia and the middle East. But I decided to belted tight and "try", as they say bikers, all countries of the OCA (and there are exactly 45), that was not insulting to anyone. Moreover, recently I often receive emails from sports leaders, where they ask the same question: "When to wait for your expedition in our country?". And I do not dare to tell them, sorry, they say, but I to you will arrive. So, the issue is resolved unambiguously and irrevocably: we go to all countries!

  • Tunisia-Libya: There, back... and all there!
  • Here it is — the land of the pharaohs!
  • "Lazy" Libya
  • From Africa to Asia


I wanted to immediately start crossing the border with Egypt, but some feeling prompted to leave this procedure for tomorrow. And thank God we're late! Because during the night there was a lot of interesting things. First, after such a difficult road, I fell asleep without my hind legs in the first hotel in the border area. And on the morning it turned out, that this is not simple unerringly, and here once slept over two bikers from Russia (Yes to the same my friends-Moskvich Kostya Casper and Sasha Glazkov from Novosibirsk!). I accidentally saw on the wall behind the front Desk pasted a map of their route. They were riding the Africa twin motorcycles. I was happy to see it! Immediately wanted to call prima, but there it was! As I said above, the connection here is only local. I remembered how Kostya accompanied me in Russia when in 2004 I started the first round-the-world trip. We are with him from Moscow went to the bike show in Olgino near St. Petersburg. Then in 2006 he and Mishutka came to me in Kazakhstan. Here's a small world! Next to the map of their route, I attached my card, photographed. Okay, will contact them on the mobile phone already in the Country of pyramids...

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